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Wake Up Call: Don’t Skip Breakfast!

October 8th, 2010, No Comments

Two of my most recent post’s had to do with the 4th Tenet of my eBook on permanent weight loss, and me repeating myself. And so let me first apologize, but here I go again: Repeating myself (or better yet, using someone else’s words to repeat my message) and promoting my eBook. Do you run [...]

If You’ve Read My eBook and You Still Haven’t…

September 29th, 2010, No Comments

Incorporated a nutritious and delicious breakfast into your daily morning routine, then you must read this wonderfully informative and comprehensive piece by Nancy Gottesman, a LifeScript – Healthy Living for Women Contributor and a Senior Editor at Shape Magazine, on The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss. If this doesn’t get you to eat breakfast, well… [...]

Sweeter Than Sweet…

September 15th, 2010, No Comments

Did you know that the artificial sweeteners found in “light” yogurt, frozen ice cream, diet soda, some sports drinks, and sugar-free chewing gum are “between 200 and 600 times per part sweeter than table sugar?” Carolyn de la Pena, a professor at the University of California and author of Empty Pleasures: The Story of Artificial Sweeteners [...]

Slim & Trim: Gene Gomez and his Extraordinary Weight Loss Success Story

September 13th, 2010, No Comments

Gene Gomez of San Luis Obispo could be an inspiration to many locals seeking to shed a few pounds. Before moving to the Central Coast four years ago, he had reached a peak weight of 525 pounds. Through regular exercise and monitoring his diet, the Kennedy Club Fitness front-desk clerk has lost more than 300 [...]

More Reason to “Be In Charge of Your Own Health and Wellness”

September 10th, 2010, No Comments

As a licensed wellness coach and certified fitness professional, I tend to repeat myself a lot during my day. I count repetitions when I train my clients, and remind them about the importance of stabilization and alignment. And I make sure that I reiterate, how important making positive food choices and exercising consistently will be [...]

Part 5 of Dr. Berardi’s Second Interview with Christine Williams

September 8th, 2010, No Comments

Listen to Dr. Berardi discuss aging and your metabolism, why we gain weight with age, and nutritional strategies for health and metabolic activity. Part 4: The limits of exercise cont’d, social support and your weight loss journey Part 3: Emotional eating cont’d, cravings and exrcise, and the limits of exercise Part 2: Emotional eating and mindless [...]

Weight Index Doesn’t Tell the Whole Truth

September 1st, 2010, No Comments

A frequent question among people of a certain age, including yours truly, is “Why, when I weigh the same as or less than I did when I was younger, does my waist keep getting bigger?” Phrased another way, the question could be “Why, when my body mass index has not changed, am I fatter than [...]

Are You in Pain?

September 1st, 2010, No Comments

Is Obesity a Side Effect of PAIN? According to Dr. Peggy Mason, Chair of Neurobiology at the University of Chicago, eating is a natural form of pain relief. During the course of her research, Dr. Mason found that rats will not react to moderate amounts of pain while they are eating or even if they [...]

Part 4 of Dr. Berardi’s Second Interview with Christine Williams

July 26th, 2010, No Comments

The limits of exercise continued, finding social support to help you along your weight loss/fitness journey and the benefits of rewards & punishments. Part 3: Emotional eating cont’d, cravings and exrcise, and the limits of exercise Part 2: Emotional eating and mindless eating Part 1: Discipline, portion sizes, how to avoid junk food and other weight loss strategies Download your FREE [...]

Blogger Has Lost 258 Pounds and Counting…

July 12th, 2010, No Comments

Sean Anderson, age 38, has lost 258 pounds without eating a single salad. And here’s how he did it… Sean’s weight loss approach: After years of trying to lose weight, I realized that I was looking for something to do the work for me. I was always searching for a simple means to lose weight, [...]

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