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Brain Responses to Food, Drug, and Alcohol Addictions Are Similar

April 8th, 2011, No Comments

In his highly acclaimed DVD, Eating Well for Optimum Health, Dr. Andrew Weil says, “Treating food addictions are much harder to treat than alcohol and drug addictions because we need food to live.” New research suggests that, even though most of us eat food to live, those of us with addictive eating behaviors have brain [...]

Sleep, Stress, and Weight Loss

March 30th, 2011, No Comments

If you want to increase your chances of losing weight, reduce your stress level and get adequate sleep. A new Kaiser Permanente study found that people trying to lose at least 10 pounds were more likely to reach that goal if they had lower stress levels and slept more than six hours but not more [...]

Use Scale as a Weight Loss Tool, Not a Judge

March 16th, 2011, No Comments

Should you weigh yourself every day? Should it be once per week, [a month] or never at all? The advice about weighing can be as confusing and conflicting as the advice about eating eggs or drinking wine. Some experts say that weighing should be kept to a minimum so that we don’t get obsessed; others [...]

Slim Down Secrets: Maximize Weight Loss by Avoiding these 5 Top Diet Myths

March 4th, 2011, No Comments

Having trouble getting the most out of your attempts to lose weight? We’ve all heard about the dangers of carbs, wonders of diet foods and side effects of the saltshaker, but are the rumors for real? Registered dietitian and chef Michelle Dudash shares five diet myths to watch out for in order to stay on [...]

Bad Foods That Are Good for Weight Loss

February 21st, 2011, No Comments

More Fat-Fighting Food ideas from Medicine.Net… Seductive foods seem to lurk at every turn, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. But many foods that have gotten a bad rap aren’t so terrible after all. Learn which tempting treats can actually help you lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss Pictures Slideshow: Bad Foods [...]

Tangled Up in Food

February 9th, 2011, No Comments

So let’s say that over the last month or so you’ve made a really valiant effort at sticking to your New Year’s resolutions – this year was going to be different! And you can honestly say that you’ve tried to consistently make it to the gym or workout at home. You’ve tried to make better [...]

Better Late Than Never

February 2nd, 2011, No Comments

It is mindboggling to me that our government is just now embracing the recommendation to “eat less,” when for decades (see Jack LaLanne), if not for over a century (see Dr. Lulu Hunt Peters) many in the medical community and the fitness industry have been recommending just that… But I guess it’s better late than [...]

150 Years of Dieting Fads and still No Quick Fix

January 26th, 2011, No Comments

Before there was Dr. Atkins, there was William Banting. He invented the low-carb diet of 1863. Even then Americans were trying out advice that urged fish, mutton or “any meat except pork” for breakfast, lunch and dinner – hold the potatoes, please. It turns out our obsession with weight and how to lose it dates [...]

Year-End Diet, Health and Fitness Advice from Health.Com

December 29th, 2010, No Comments

After January 1, calorie amnesia comes to an end—and you’re officially out of excuses for nibbling on tree-shaped cookies for breakfast and lunching on gift buckets of cheese popcorn. But when the season of splurging is over, you need more than good intentions to start eating right. That’s why we loaded this supersimple, mix-and-match, 1,300-calorie-per-day [...]

Weight-Loss Programs Work for Severely Obese

October 13th, 2010, No Comments

For people who are severely obese and struggling with their weight, new research shows weight-loss intervention programs that combine diet and exercise really can work. Though the benefits of diet and exercise have long been known, these studies show the impact lifestyle changes have on people who are severely obese, said researchers from the University [...]

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