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Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults – Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Win! Tips to Help You Get Active

My Exercise Plan - Success Tools from The American College of Sports Medicine:

Diet & Nutrition:

The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 *

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Eating Healthier and Feeling Better using the Nutrition Facts Label

Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar

The Stop & Go Fast Food Nutrition Guide

The Principles of Mindful Eating

Weight Loss:

Eat Right Nutrition and Weight Loss Tips from The American Dietetic Association:

Courtesy of the NYC Department of Health:


Stress – How To Cope

Sleep – Are You Getting Enough?

Courtesy of the Wellness Council of America:

  1. “The Industrial Athlete” (The WorkSmart Stretching IMPACC Program)
  2. Three Simple Exercises to Improve Your Posture

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide Advice from Dr. Weil on how to improve your overall wellness through healthy lifestyle change, improved nutrition and supplements.

Living In Balance

At the age of 29, soon after graduating from the University of Arizona with an MBA, Doug Nau was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Luekemia. At that point, Doug realized two things… his Luekemia diagnosis had changed his life forever, and that – previous to his diagnosis – his life had been “out of balance.”

Doug has since become a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Health and Wellness Consultant and has dedicated his life and his work to helping others find “balance.”

Living in Balance is wonderfully written, and is full of techniques that are easy to understand and can be implemented by anyone and everyone to help them restore balance to their lives.

Resources -


The Dr. John Berardi, Ph.D., Interview, Parts 1-6
Part 1 – Atheletes vs. Recreational Exercisers
Part 2 – Protein and Body Mass Index
Part 3 – Advanced Nutrition: Metabolism Boosting Foods and Cravings
Part 4 – More about Cravings, Hydration and Metabolic Slowdown with Age
Part 5 – Ideal Rate of Progress, Long-term Weight Loss & Metabolic Preservation
Part 6 – Effective – Metabolism Boosting – Ways to Exercise

Dr. John Ratey – Exercise and the Brain

BRAIN RULES:12 Rules for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School
Rule #1 | EXERCISE: Exercise boosts brain power.
Rule #2 | SURVIVAL: The human brain evolved, too.
Rule #3 | WIRING: Every brain is wired differently.
Rule #4 | ATTENTION: We don’t pay attention to boring things.
Rule #5 | SHORT-TERM MEMORY: Repeat to remember.
Rule #6 | LONG-TERM MEMORY: Remember to repeat.
Rule #7 | SLEEP: Sleep well, think well.
Rule #8 | STRESS: Stressed brains don’t learn the same way.
Rule #9 | STRONG INTEGRATION: Stimulate more of the senses.
Rule #10 | VISION: Vision trumps all other senses.
Rule #11 | GENDER: Male and female brains are different.
Rule #12 | EXPLORATION: We are powerful and natural explorers.

See the interview with Dr. John Medina, Author of Brain Rules.

Diet & Nutrition:

Harvard School of Public Health / Nutrition Source
Knowledge for Healthy Eating
What Should You Eat?
Getting to Your Healthy Weight

Nutrition Data / Nutritional Analysis: Know What You Eat

Personal Diet Evaluator
BMI Plus Calculator
Food & Fitness Planner
Portion Size Helper

Finding A Balance – How incorporating healthy eating and regular physical activity into your daily life can help you prevent and control weight-gain, and many diseases and conditions.

Weight Loss:

The Mayo Clinic / Weight Loss Basics
Weight-loss Tip: First, make sure You’re Ready
Weight Loss: 6 Strategies for Success
Weight-loss Goals: 10 Tips for Success
Metabolism and Weight Loss: How you Burn Calories
Breakfast: Why is it so Important to Weight Control?
Slide Show: Guide to Portion Control for Weight Loss

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide from A Calorie Counter

Dr. David Kessler, Former Commissioner of the FDA (1990-1997)
talks about the food industry, controlling food urges, portion control and more.

Stress Management:

Take the Medline Plus (NIH), Managing Stress Interactive Tutorial and learn about Stress, its symptoms and causes, the risks associated with Stress, and how to prevent and manage Stress.

Jon Kabat-Zinn – Stress Reduction, Parts 1-6

Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and Healing with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Deep Breathing & Meditation:

Kapalabhati – The Cleansing Breath Video

Coherence… The New Science of Breath - Coherence Breathing Primer

Meditation for Beginners with Jack Kornfield

Body Meditation with Jack Kornfield

Meditation on Compassion with Jack Kornfield

How to Meditate with Dean Ornish

Mindfulness Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra

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