“In 1998, suffering from back pain that seemed to be getting progressively worse, I decided to do something about my back pain before it became debilitating. Luckily, someone who I knew and trusted, and who had had more extensive back issues than mine (including surgery), recommended a trainer named Carlos Reyes, and suggested that I call him – and so I did.

I was very apprehensive, and quite honestly, scared at the beginning of my first session with Carlos. And having had not-very-positive experiences in the past with other personal trainers, I was afraid that Carlos would be the same as all of the others and potentially do more harm than good. But, I was wrong. Carlos listened to my concerns and I felt took them very seriously. With his meticulous supervision, as well as continuously checking-in with me throughout our workout, he was able to put me at ease almost right away.

And now, twelve years later, I actually look forward to our four-times-a-week workout sessions.

How did Carlos, take me an exercise-hating, back-pain suffering couch potato, and turn me into a four-times-a-week (in addition to three yoga sessions a week) workout junkie? I do not know. But, what I do know, is that Carlos is amazingly knowledgeable, creative, and a wonderful motivator – firm (he never lets me quit!) yet gentle as can be – and has a knack for using humor to motivate me and keep me moving.

Over the years Carlos has strived to acquire new skills in order to expand his knowledge base, and learn new techniques and methods with which he has been able help me, and many of his other clients reach our goals. And, I have also benefitted from the nuanced way he has incorporated his WellCoaches training into our sessions, adding a vital dimension to our workout sessions.

Twelve years ago I overcame my fear and apprehension and scheduled my first training session with Carlos, and today, I cannot imagine not working with him. Our work together has truly changed my life.”

Rena Agins, M.D.

“Carlos Reyes has been my personal trainer for the past 14 years.

A lot has happened to me during this period of time. I have given birth to two children, I have had three major surgeries, and have also had to deal with many other assorted physical issues that have disrupted and interfered with my workouts (and in some cases, derailed my motivation and my desire), which for most of my life have been very important to me.

But, Carlos has been with me every step of the way…

He has been more than willing and able to tackle any (and all) challenges that my body and my health issues have presented him. His ability to craft my workouts and personalize our sessions has been crucial to my recovery and to my continued success over the years. His encouragement when I’ve felt defeated; the way he can motivate me in a gentle but firm way when I have no energy, and his ability to focus on what my needs are during our sessions is what continues to help me push through.

Carlos has helped me to regain my strength, boost my confidence and instill in me the belief, that I can achieve the goals that I had once imagined were not attainable.

I feel very fortunate to work with a trainer that I respect, admire and most of all trust.”

D. M. Lerner, LCSW

“I had the wonderful pleasure of training with Carlos Reyes for three years.

As a novice exerciser and not particularly athletic, Carlos, with his easy going manner and his unique way of imparting his knowledge in a simple, and straightforward way, helped me to understand what it would take to become stronger and more fit; to overcome my concerns about lifting weights, and help me tame my perennial weight problem and control my fears. He also made sure our workouts were meaningful, focused and safe.

I learned to trust him… and because of Carlos’s commitment, his attention to detail, and his ability to listen to what was important to me, I am proud of the manner in which my appearance has changed dramatically.”

Laura B. Lehman

“When I started training with Carlos I had never been an active member of a health club. I had never really taken my health seriously, and I certainly never enjoyed working out. From day one Carlos made me feel comfortable, he listened to my goals and set-up a training routine accordingly. His ability to keep our workouts extremely focused, but also fun, is the reason I look forward to our training sessions.

He has turned me into a person who cares about his health, and has also changed my perception of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. I can’t thank him enough…”

William Grant

“I have known many trainers over the years, and so I feel confident, that I know what qualities to look for in a trainer. I also know, that Carlos possesses the most important of those qualities – knowledge, and the ability to impart that knowledge to untrained individuals. But, what particularly impresses me, and those who work with him, is his professionalism and his success at motivating his clients to reach their goals.”

Michael Dean Smith

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