Timing is Everything…

November 21st, 2008

One of my hero’s is Dr. Dan Benardot, author of Advanced Sports Nutrition, and according to Dr. David E. Martin, PhD (Emeritus regents professor of health sciences at the Department of Cardiopulmonary Care Sciences at Georgia State University) the pioneer of the “concept that it isn’t simply what you eat that is so critical; it’s also the dynamic relationship between the timing of ingestion and exercise.”

Deena Kastor, “the first American woman to win an Olympic marathon medal” since Joan Benoit Samuelson won gold at the 1984 Summer Olympics (the year that the woman’s marathon was introduced), has credited Dr. Benardot and his advice as one of the main reasons for her Olympic success. Leading-up to her win at the Athens Olympics in 2004, she said “ she had never felt so strong in her life.”

As a true believer, practitioner and an advocate of eating small to medium meals spaced-out at regular intervals throughout the day (the timing of ingestion…), in order to provide my metabolism with a constant supply of energy – I try and follow Dr. Benardot work very closely.

And so, I was very happy and excited to discover that Dr. Monte Ladner of Fitness Rocks had interviewed Dr. Benardot about Timing Your Eating, and couldn’t wait to listen to the podcast.

I highly recommend this podcast to all of my readers and anyone who truly wants to understand why “when you eat can be just as important as what you eat.”

To listen to the podcast – Go to: Timing Your Eating – An Interview with Dr. Dan Benardot

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