Does Caffeine Cause Dehydration?

September 3rd, 2008

A review of the most current research on caffeine by scientists at the University of Connecticut does not confirm the long-held belief that drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages can lead to dehydration.

They found, that caffeine consumed in moderate amounts had only a mild diuretic effect on the body. And that there was no significant difference in the amount of urine, and the levels of electrolytes lost by the body after ingesting caffeinated beverages.

So, does that mean that we can drink as much caffeine (coffee, soda…) as we want?

Absolutely Not!

Caffeine is absorbed through the lining of the stomach, which increases your stomach acid production and may put you at greater risk for developing a stomach ulcer.

Caffeine also acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system which can make you hyperactive, and restless, alter your heart rate, and may interrupt your sleeping patterns leading to an increase in insomnia.

Most of us don’t know how much caffeine we consume on a daily basis…

Did you know that many over-the-counter medications contain caffeine?

And, ever wonder why those very popular “energy” drinks make you feel so good? You guessed it! They are loaded with caffeine and lots and lots of sugar.

And, speaking of sugar… caffeine can also be found in chocolate – oh yeah!

So, enjoy a cup or two of coffee with your breakfast in the morning. But, think twice before having another one, or an energy drink before your workout. And try not to eat too much chocolate right before bedtime – try a warm glass of milk instead.

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