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August 18th, 2008

The New York Times recently published a special section, titled “A Guided Tour of Your Body.”

It is full of very good and practical information on how to keep your body healthy and well for many years to come. I am recommending it to all of my subscribers, my readers, my clients and anyone else interested in taking care of their bodies, and minds as they age.

For Sharpness, Stimulation
Research suggests that staying active, physically and mentally, may help the aging brain remain fit, too.

Reducing the Cancer Risk
There’s solid evidence that exercise, alcohol consumption and other lifestyle factors can play a role in susceptibility to breast cancer.

Applying a Salve to the Years
Dermatologists say there are simple and inexpensive ways to stave off premature aging and its attendant wrinkles and loss of collagen.

Sizing Up the Skeleton
Scans and other tests can help determine who is at risk for osteoporosis, hip fractures and other bone problems.

Saving Your Step
Though some foot problems are inevitable as the body ages, preventive measures can keep you from being sidelined.

Calamities That Can Truly Hurt
Cavities are one thing, but gum disease and oral cancer are dental problems that can have even more serious consequences.

Eating Your Way to Health
When it comes to improving heart health, it’s important to look beyond the medicine cabinet and to the kitchen.

Watch Your Girth
Many studies suggest that for both men and women, it’s not how much you weigh that matters most, but where you carry those pounds.

More Than an Exercise in Vanity
Bulky isn’t necessarily better when it comes to muscles. What’s important is keeping them fit so they’ll provide power and strength as the body ages.

The Waiting Game
Medical experts say some patients with chronic joint problems wait too long before opting for replacement surgery.

Quieter, Please
Turning down your iPod is one way to guard against hearing loss due to chronic exposure to loud noises.

Looking for Hidden Diseases
Regular exams are essential for uncovering glaucoma and other diseases that may otherwise remain undetected until they cause serious vision problems.

No Perfect Solution
The sudden onset of back pain can be the start of a long and confusing medical journey for some people.

Act Now So You Don’t Pay Later
Doctors are urging men with B.P.H., or enlargement of the prostate, to become proactive now to prevent chronic health problems later.

In this special section, you’ll be able to learn the best that science and medicine can offer for taking care of yourself. You can also test your knowledge and read more health news at the Well blog.

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