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February 8th, 2010

My clients, and many other people that I speak to, often tell me when we talk about how to incorporate healthy lifestyle behaviors into their daily lives, that they need to find the time…

  • They need to find the time to exercise
  • They need to find the time to eat better
  • They need to find the time to get more sleep
  • They need to find the time to relax and enjoy themselves more
  • And they need to find the time to spend with their friends and families

My response to them is always the same - “You Will Never Find The Time.”

If you really want to do these things: exercise, eat better, sleep more, have time to relax and spend more time with your friends and your family – then you must make the time!

We only have  24 hours in a day – no more, no less – and so there are no more hours to be found in order to do the things that we say we want to do.

Patrice Ruggieri, Certified Wellness Coach, and author of Finding Balance ~ Reclaim Your Time And Live A More Fulfilling Life, writes, “ we all have more to do than we can get done, but most importantly, we all get to choose how we spend our time, and how we spend our life – choose wisely.”

Just as we make time to go to work, or make time to watch our favorite T.V. shows, or make time to surf the internet, we must make the time to exercise, eat, sleep, relax and enjoy ourselves.

It won’t just happen. You must make a conscious effort to plan, and schedule into your very busy day, week, month, life – when to exercise, eat, sleep, relax and enjoy. Prioritize these things, and don’t let anything derail you or get in your way.

Because, honestly…

Trying to find the time is just another excuse for not following through. And if you’re consistently telling yourself and anyone else who’ll listen… “I need to find the time”, then you have to ask yourself …

Is this really something I want?

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