Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March 1st, 2010

A recent article in Time Magazine, titled, Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin, unflatteringly shines a spotlight on the limits of exercise, and its ability to elicit significant weight loss in trained individuals.

I often talk to, and warn my clients that exercise will have a finite ability to bring about major changes to their bodies (significant weight and body fat loss) unless they decide to start training as if they were Olympic Athletes: harder, longer, and more frequently. For most of my client’s (if not all), training as if they were Olympic Athletes would be unrealistic and practically impossible.

And so, I council them on how important a role nutrition play’s in their over-all pursuit of their weight loss and body fat goals. I remind them that positive food choices (along with consistent exercise over the long term, as well as for some — permanent and sustainable lifestyle change) offers them the greatest potential for major changes to their bodies.

And so I challenge my readers (and my clients) to celebrate National Nutrition Month by adopting ONE significant nutritional change that will move them closer to their over-all health and fitness goals.

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