Tangled Up in Food

February 9th, 2011

So let’s say that over the last month or so you’ve made a really valiant effort at sticking to your New Year’s resolutions – this year was going to be different!

And you can honestly say that you’ve tried to consistently make it to the gym or workout at home. You’ve tried to make better food choices and refrain from eating as many “not as healthy” foods and you’ve even experimented with some new “healthy” recipes.

And yet, you haven’t made as much progress as you would have liked and you’re wondering why?

Why don’t you feel better?

Why haven’t you lost more weight?

Why does it seem as if you’re eating more than ever?

Could it be that you’re unconsciously sabotaging your efforts, or that you’ve been unwilling or unable to let go of some of your old habits?

According to ExperienceLifeMag.com you might be “Tangled Up in Food.”

Even the healthiest eaters are prone to occasional food transgressions — a dinner downed in front of the TV, a lunch wolfed down on the way to an appointment, a snack attack that sneaks up on us. As long as such lackluster eating experiences are the exception, and not the rule, they’re probably no cause for worry. But what about when the occasional “whoops!” becomes part of a more persistent pattern?

Over time, such patterns can become ingrained tendencies — unconscious ways of interacting with food so automatic, and so subtly destructive, we don’t fully recognize the damage they’re doing to our bodies and minds, or just how habitual they’ve become.

The first step in disentangling ourselves from such tendencies is identifying where problem-eating patterns may have taken root in our own lives. The next step is deciding which of those patterns we want to take on first — and how.

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