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January 10th, 2011

One of the most effective ways to “Know Your FOOD” is to be Mindful of what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, how much you eat, and most importantly – WHY YOU EAT.

Practicing Mindful Eating will help you answer those questions, assist you in gaining a better understanding of your relationship to food and the kind of food choices you make, and fine-tune your senses so that eating becomes a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

What is Mindful Eating?

It is a positive and nurturing awareness,
accomplished through respecting inner wisdom.

Mindful Eating is about choosing foods that are pleasing
and nourishing by using all of your senses.

Mindful Eating acknowledges likes
and dislikes of food without judgment.

Finally, by increasing awareness of physical and emotional cues
individuals are able to use this wisdom to guide eating and food choices.

Excerpted from The Principles of Mindful Eating by The Center for Mindful Eating

To Learn more about Mindful Eating, Read: Responding & Reacting – Part’s 1, 2, 3,

By Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD., CDE,
and Co- Founder of The Center for Mindful Eating

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