Is Saving-Up for Dinner Ruining Your Diet [and Weight Loss Efforts]?

August 11th, 2010

[Not eating – and then eating too much] is a common practice [that] many that of us are guilty of. We forgo eating all day long because we know we’ll be eating out that night, or [because] there is a special event coming up later in the day and we want to be able to eat whatever we want.

However, is this type of behavior actually derailing your diet [and weight loss efforts]?

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why this practice isn’t healthy, and may actually be counterproductive [to your weight loss goals].

1. You’ll end up eating more:

If you don’t eat all day and [then] are suddenly faced with plenty of food, it’s all too easy to eat much more than you normally would… and not even realize how many calories you’ve eaten.

[It’s all too easy to over-indulge at parties and special events when you haven’t eaten all day. And because you didn’t eat all day, your body’s blood sugar levels would be very low and your hunger virtually uncontrollable. Your body would be begging for food in order to regulate your blood sugar levels, which would cause you to over-eat, simply because your satiety hormones would not be able to signal your brain that you were full fast enough to prevent you from eating too much.]

2. It puts you in the wrong mindset:

Right off the bat, you’re preparing to [eat anything and everything], and in a big way. You’ll feel that it’s all right to have a big dinner, especially if you haven’t eaten all day. … Hampering your future progress and [diminishing your] chances of success at reaching your weight loss goals.

3. You can end up in a bad cycle:

Once your body gets used to not eating during the day, and eating whatever you want [as much as you want] at night, it would be all [too easy for this behavior to become routine.] You may find that you’re tempted to do it all of the time. And before you know it, you’re making excuses [again, as to why you weren’t able to stick to your diet and weight loss goals.]

A diet is much more than food control, it’s about being able to control your relationship to food, as well as your cravings for food. [And most importantly, it’s about making lifestyle changes that you can stick with over the long-term] and not setting yourself up for disappointment by practicing behaviors that are detrimental to your overall diet and weight loss goals.

Instead of not eating all day in order to prepare for a party, or a special event, eat as you normally would. You may even want to have a healthy snack before you go. Your blood sugar levels won’t be sending off signals that will make you want to eat [anything and] everything in sight. [You won’t have to worry about the consequences of eating too much, and you might even have a little room for dessert.]

Originally posted on Weight Loss Ladder, with contributions by Carlos A. Reyes

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