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I Just Added…

June 23rd, 2010, No Comments

Nick to my Favorite Websites List. If you’re interested in Strength Training and Conditioning, athletics, or you’re just a serious exercise enthusiast, Nick Tumminello, founder of Performance University, provides “a smarter approach to training” and some of the most innovative and comprehensive training techniques available anywhere on the web. Visit: and let me know what you think. Download [...]

Fitness Goals That Matter Most

July 22nd, 2009, No Comments

Experts weigh in on eight benchmarks that are critical to conquer for healthy living. When 58-year-old Larry Durstine was younger, he could run four miles in 20 minutes–an impressive pace given that only elite runners tend to average sub-four-minute miles. But these days Durstine, who knows a thing or two about fitness since he’s chair [...]

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